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The Fastest Successful Orthopaedic Surgeon

Chairman of Dr.Muthus Hospitals, Dr. Muthu Saravanakumar, is a visionary dedicated to advancing and empowering society through high-quality medical care. Despite his humble beginnings in a small agricultural village, his determination propelled him to pursue medicine and further studies abroad. After receiving extensive international training in orthopaedics, he distinguished himself as a diligent, ethical, and devoted orthopaedic surgeon in various prominent hospitals across Coimbatore. Known for his adept surgical skills and amiable personality, Dr. Muthu and his team have achieved remarkable milestones, including numerous success stories highlight patients’ achievements, such as climbing the steps of Palani Murugan Temple and Thirupathi Elumalaiyan Temple on foot. Notably, Dr.Muthu completed 38 knee replacements for a single family in the Erode district, and his surgeries are renowned for being the fastest knee replacements, lasting approximately 40 minutes.

Dr. Muthu Saravanakumar assembled a proficient team by bringing together well-trained orthopaedic doctors. Notably, the management of trauma (fractures) falls under the expertise of Dr. Ganesh Shetty, a seasoned professional with 12 years of experience in trauma and holding a Post DNB(Ortho) qualification. Heading the entire Ortho team is Dr.Deepak Srinivasan, serving as the medical director. This team includes next-level consultants, namely Dr.Yogadeepan, Dr.Sathyamoorthy, and Dr.Priyan, all with over 5 years of experience, forming a cohesive group of 16 doctors.

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To demonstrate globally exemplary patient care, surgical proficiency, academic excellence, medical ethics, and cutting-edge technology. We aim to establish our center as a source of national pride, showcasing the best our country has to offer.


To deliver high-quality healthcare at an accessible cost, ensuring that our expertise is accessible to every individual in our nation.

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