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Shoulder Replacement Surgery

The shoulder, being our body’s most flexible joint, enables arm movement and rotation in multiple positions and directions. Consequently, it is prone to a range of injuries and instability issues.

Currently, Dr.Muthus Hospitals possess noninvasive techniques of addressing injuries or issues prior to resorting to surgical intervention. Nevertheless, if a surgical remedy is necessary, prompt action ought to be taken to prevent future complications. Swift and accurate identification and management of shoulder ailments can have a substantial impact over time.

Common shoulder problems include bursitis or tendinitis, impingement and partial rotator cuff tears, full-thickness rotator cuff tears, instability, fractured collarbone and acromioclavicular joint separation, fractured head of the humerus or proximal humerus fracture, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Shoulder arthroscopy is recommended when non-surgical treatments like physical therapy, rest, medications, and injections fail to alleviate a painful condition caused by inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and pain in a diseased or injured shoulder joint.

Shoulder problems typically result from injury, age-related wear and tear, or overuse. Arthroscopy provides relief for patients by addressing damage to the rotator cuff tendons, articular cartilage, labrum, and other soft tissues surrounding the joint.

Three Main Types of Minimally Invasive Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Hemi-arthroplasty for fractures replaces the arm ball or bone

Total shoulder arthroplasty for arthritis replaces both the arm bone and the shoulder socket.

Reverse shoulder arthroplasty treats large unrepairable rotator cuff tears by replacing the ball with a socket and the socket with a ball.

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Frequent Arthroscopic Procedures

Shoulder Surgery Addresses Various Conditions Including

Shoulder Surgery Addresses Various Conditions Including

Rectify afflicted, deteriorated, and diseased shoulder joint

Mend rotator cuff tears, shoulder separations, and shoulder dislocations

Restore unrestricted painless movement & enable complete functionality to a compromised shoulder joint

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