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Meniscus Tear Treatment in Coimbatore

Meniscus when torn may be removed or repaired. It is best repaired as the meniscus is the shock absorber of the knee, protecting the polish or cartilage of the knee from wear and tear. Depending on the tear pattern various repairing techniques are used using strong suture materials.

Sometimes when the meniscus is badly damaged and in a zone that does not have blood supply, part of it may have to be removed and this is called menisectomy. However, this is avoided wherever possible. Some tears are only seen on an MRI, also known as intra-substance tears or degeneration, they need no operative treatment.

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Indication for procedure

For young athletes or individuals, non-operative treatment is often successful for meniscal tears, and surgical repair may be necessary if the tear is longitudinal and accompanied by ACL reconstruction, particularly in younger patients. Complex or degenerative tears, central tears, and tears in unstable knees have lower probability of healing. Meniscal tears amenable to repair are typically those less than 1 cm in length, located in the outer 20% to 30% of the meniscus (referred to as the “red-red zone”).

Indication for surgery

The decision to opt for surgical or non-surgical treatment following a meniscal tear diagnosis depends on various patient factors such as age and compliance. Surgical intervention is necessary for unstable tears, while degenerative tears may be managed non-surgically. Symptomatic or non-reparable tears typically require surgical treatment. Total meniscectomy becomes the last resort when other surgical options are not suitable. Factors influencing decision-making include clinical evaluation of the tear, associated lesions, as well as the type, location, and extent of the meniscal tear. Studies examining the success rate of combined meniscal repair and ACL reconstruction have yielded varied conclusions regarding their impact.

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Surgical techniques

Repairing the meniscus can be achieved through various techniques including open inside, out inside, and all inside methods. However, not all meniscal tears possess the capacity to heal, with the tear pattern and vascular supply being crucial factors. Regardless of the specific technique employed (inside out, outside in, or all inside) during arthroscopic repair, certain universal steps must be adhered to.

What are meniscus?

The medial meniscus and lateral meniscus are specialized structures within the knee. These crescent-shaped shock absorbers between the tibia and femur

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