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Dr.Muthus Hospitals have a system in place to deal with patients with severe injuries that are life-threatening and can result in severe disability or death. Our facility is equipped to provide multidisciplinary treatment for car accidents, train accidents, falls, assaults and other major causes of trauma, with the best chance of survival and recovery. The results at Dr.Muthus Hospitals are excellent as patients have immediate access to qualified senior consultants who are available 24×7 at the hospital and the patient does not have to wait for surgery the next day, so the patient goes there in the GOLDEN hour of critical importance for positive results. Dr.Muthus Hospitals operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The trauma team is a highly skilled team of surgeons supported by trauma, adult and pediatric surgeons specializing in orthopedic, neurological and spine surgery, plastic and general surgery the surgical team consists of anesthesiologists, cardiologists, neurologists, physicians and general surgeons.

Emergency Room

Once the patient reaches the emergency – assessment of the patient is done using TRIAGE tools to ensure those who have suffered a major trauma are attended first, under the supervision of consultants, who are assisted by ACLS & ATLS trained nursed.

State of the Art

The Medical team has access to state of the art Diagnostic centre, Laminar flow Operation theatres which ensure negligible infection rates with an efficient ICU back up.

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DR.Muthus Re-Habilitation

Patients who have suffered serious injuries need extended care by many professionals like Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Speech therapist, Psychiatrist, vocational therapists and rehabilitation nurses who will assist the patient and their families to become near normal again. Re-habilitation is also extended for stroke patients, Alzheimer, Accident Victims and for patients with various neurologic disorders.


Some patients after Trauma suffer from night mares, flash backs resulting in insomnia, irritability and difficulty in carrying on in their lives, we at Dr.Muthus make a sincere Endeavour to reach out to each patient so that he or she can lead a normal and peaceful life with the help of our psychiatrists, psychologist and Rehabilitation specialists.

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